OSCON 2020

OSCON 2020 took place on February 13 and 14 in Osijek. The topic was Modern-day genetics and its future in personalized medicine. In the last seventy years since the discovery of the structure of DNA molecule, genetics has advanced significantly. Knowledge of the DNA molecule alone has provided us with a series of new discoveries that have contributed to a better understanding of humans as whole mechanisms and individuals, the molecular pathways that govern our physiology, the ability to detect defects in these pathways, therapeutic goals, and more. This field requires constant investment in new research, but the results often bring refreshment to the current scientific perspective and open up new opportunities. Not only has science advanced because of Watson and Crick's breakthroughs, but patient care and clinical medicine itself. The development of this branch of science is continuous, and for every scientist working in this field it is a treasure trove of ideas and possibilities.

Encouraged by this endless source of information, we organised lectures from experts who told us where we are today and in what direction we are headed.

„Science and everyday life cannot and should not be separated“

- Rosalind Franklin


OSCON 2020 took place at the Faculty of Medicine Osijek:

  • Faculty of Medicine Osijek
  • Address: Ul. Josipa Huttlera 4, HR-31000 Osijek, Croatia
  • E-mail: info@oscon-mefos.com
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Faculty of Medicine Osijek

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1. Organising Committee
President: Luka Švitek
Vice president: Nika Pušeljić
1.1. Fundraising Subcommittee
President: Dominik Romić
Members: Tomislav Kurevija, Lovro Marinčić, Nika Borovac
1.2. PR & Multimedia Subcommittee
President: Ema Poznić
Members: Morena Čorić, Fran Bukulin, Josipa Puljić
1.3. Partnership, Applicant Support And Ambassador Support Subcommittee
President: Hrvoje Zubak
Members: Luka Perić, Prasidha Rai, Lucija Todić
1.4. Volunteers Subcommittee
President: Petra Smajić
Members: Ema Schönberger, Bernarda Berišić, Matea Smajić
2. Scientific Committee
President: Nora Pušeljić
Vice president: Ivana Jurić
Members: Petra Raguž, Marija Anđić, Marija Olujić
Mentor: prof. Marija Heffer MD, PhD

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