The student magazine of the Faculty of Medicine Osijek, Anamnesis, was launched at the initiative of the Student Union of the Faculty of Medicine Osijek with the aim of providing a platform for free expression and discussion to the students of our Faculty.


At a time when medicine occupies an enviable amount of media attention and shapes many destinies and affects many lives with new discoveries, we are faced with a multitude of questions, doubts and puzzles. As it usually happens, the most complex questions have the most modest answers, but that does not mean that we should stop looking for them! Our goal is to give students the opportunity to learn about their future profession, provide them with an insight into the world of modern medicine, but also guide them to what is happening in their immediate environment. Because precisely in this lies the comprehensiveness of this noble calling: medicine is one broad branch that is always growing and flourishing! We believe that in our magazine you will find topics that will open new perspectives for you and show you the world of medicine from a different perspective: what we can promise you is new and innovative topics from issue to issue and a place for your comments, texts and ideas!


Every idea starts as a longing for something and idea is this: to write about what is not talked about, discuss what is hidden behind the scenes and present it all to you. We invite you to read our first issue, and we hope that you will share your thoughts, ideas and texts to the creation of future issues! We learn best from each other and we should always look for answers to all questions, especially "anamnestic" ones.

In the upcoming year, the student newsletter „Anamnesis“ will choose the best abstracts from biomedical congresses all over Croatia and publish the aforementioned. The Scientific Committee will choose three Case reports that will be awarded and published as an Abstract in the new edition of „Anamnesis“. You will be able to browse it on our website, and you can take a look how the first edition was put together at the link below.